Weston Super Mare Sea Defence

Weston Super Mare Sea Defence


This scheme provided us with a major civil engineering project involving a wide range of tasks, sometimes in difficult ground conditions and tidal working.

The scheme involved drainage works including the installation of 550linm of 600mm diameter storm drainage into the existing highway, outfalls to the sea, PCC manholes and gullies.

Earthworks included the excavation for 1300linm of new sea wall, re-aligning existing services, construction of new street lighting network, excavation and reconstruction of the promenade according to the new design, (around 50 000 m2). We also constructed a new carriageway with natural stone kerbs and channels.

Other works included the construction of new reinforced concrete sea wall, excavation in running sand. Existing shops and businesses required access throughout.

The quality of the finished product on this scheme is exceptional, a reflection of the hard work and diligence demonstrated by the entire workforce.

Another award winning scheme we were a part of.